Hondata KPro dash logger-SDash Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Honda Datalog for Android on HTC Desire

Honda Datalog for Android on HTC Desire.

SDash - View your Hondata s300

Meet SDash and change the way how you view your Hondata s300. SDash is an Android application where you can do real time data log directly on your tablet ...

Hondata s300 v3 Bluetooth JDM B18b

Just a quick video if the Hondata s300 with the Bluetooth working in my iPad mini. I am glad I spent the money for a good tuning program. Please subscribe to ...

Sdash Test #3 Hondata App

In this video I test to see how accurate the sensors are and as you can see, the battery, ECT, IAT, Volt., TPS, RPM, and gear match. I tested the other ones and ...

Connecting a CD-7/5 Digital Dash to Hondata S300V3!

Follow along as Nate and Jayson show you how to connect a CD-7 or CD-5 Carbon Digital Dash to a Hondata S300V3 ECU, including how to make a CAN ...

The new Hondata s300 V3 bluetooth explained

Joying Car Radio running SDASH

As the description states, I'm running SDASH on my Joying unit and quite pleased on how it's doing. KPRO V4 using Bluetooth for the DC5 05/06.

Hondata's new KPRO 4

OGS1320 visits the HONDATA booth at the PRI show in Indiana. Watch as Doug Macmillan the Co Founder of HONDATA talk about their newest product, the ...

RacePak IQ3

Me testing the RacePak IQ3. Configuring the rev limits and pulse selection..

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